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Interactive video software is able to help you create more results. What exactly is interactive video and how does it function? Today, the advent of the internet and mobile phones have transformed the way that businesses and consumers interact with one and each.

And if you haven't leveraged video content into your marketing efforts You could be a step behind your competitors. Are you still not convinced? Take a look at the best video shoppable examples here.

With the Cinema8 interactivity program, you can quickly create interactive videos.

Did you consider that according to statista, the majority of internet users in the US regularly watched videos using smart devices? This is why this is the perfect time to benefit from our interactive video service. What exactly is interactive video and how does it function? We'll help you answer that question in these simple steps:

- What is an interactive video?

- How do you create an interactivity in a video?

- Possible interactions in video

What is interactive video?

As a business owner or marketer, it is likely that you have some video content on your website. possibly a YouTube clip or a video hosted by another video player. It definitely generates more revenue than written blogs and advertisements. Guess what? We've got a solution that can triple your video content conversions by putting in a bit of effort. interactive videos. Most video players can be turned to interactive video players.

In contrast to a passive or linear video, an interactivity video allows viewers to interact with the video using various tools. Viewers can choose to drag, scroll and click, or even select an object and carry out certain digital actions as determined by the creator of the content. The more interaction there is that users have, the more they interact in the content - which results in a greater conversion rate.

How do you create an animated video?

As complex as it seems it is not as difficult once you realize how interactive video works creating an interactive video is much easier than making a passive one. Yes, there's no need to pay a professional content creator to complete the work for you.

In this regard there are a variety of websites that offer interactive video - Cinema8 is among them. So, if you're searching for an easy solution to create interactive videos for your company, now is the time to try out Cinema8.

Possible interactions in video

While the software for interactive videos has more to provide, here are a couple of common features that you can incorporate into your videos and then convert!

Pdf in video: Let viewers open a PDF during the video, once they have closed the pdf, the video will start playing again. This allows you to give viewers additional details without them having to leave your fantastic interactive video.

Shoppable video: Users can input information to take part in a quiz, fill a survey, or play a game.

Clickable video: A lot of brands make use of hotspots to create clickable buttons using videos. They can take viewers to a different website or be converted right away.

Google map in videos: it offers greater control for viewers. In fact, they can play around with video, and even make adequate modifications.

HTML 5 in video Include HTML5 pages in your video. Let users click the elements in the video to go to an HTML five page.

Video with clickable cards Include a card that can be clicked into your clip. Viewers can click a link with an image of the card in your video.

Add-to-basket-links in video: A type of interactivity which is often utilized by e-commerce. Users will be able to click on a specific item in the video and then add it to their shopping cart. Good part is they can just keep on watching and make sure to watch the remainder of the video.

Trigger pop-up from video: Trigger a pop-up inside your video. Invite users to join your newsletter or even view another video.

Isn't it fun turning a potentially linear and passive video into something engaging fun, pleasurable, and enjoyable? 78% of marketers prefer using an interactive video for its ability to control viewers and generating more leads - making viewers customers.

Interactive video for online shopping

When it comes to e-commerce, we recommend that you integrate your shopping cart. Instead of refunneling to a different page your users are able to browse the contents during the entire shopping experience. Secondly, you have to ensure that your UX allows for maximum conversion as soon as the user has expressed an interest in clicking. Try using Cinema8 and be sure to have fun and incorporate interaction with care while making your first interactive video.


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