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big standing mirror with lights

Big standing mirrors with lights are very beneficial as they help in adding value to your house, in the energy savings in the long term, and better satisfaction of the grooming experience. The LED bulbs help in the saving of energy up to seventy-five percent less.

Basically, there are four types of big standing mirrors with lights that we are glad to discuss with you in our blog. These big standing mirrors with lights differ in terms of the design, where lights are placed, the size, and the kinds of lights that they have.

Lighted makeup mirrors

Lighted makeup mirrors are usually smaller and compact versions of the larger edge-lit mirrors. Makeup mirrors are designed for being portable such that they can be kept on a table and used for makeup. These mirrors run on batteries and some can be even recharged through the USBs. Because of the size of the mirrors, lighted makeup mirrors are a great travel companion.

Edge-lit mirrors

These mirrors have lights around the edges of the surface of the mirror such that the light is coming from the front instead of the back. This is also why they are also known as the front-lit mirrors. The lights are encased behind a frosted or semi-opaque portion of the surface of the mirror.

Backlit mirrors

Backlit mirrors are a kind of lighted mirrors that have LEDs placid behind them. The lights are attached around the base or frame at the back of the mirror glass. The base or frame creates a space between the mirror and the wall that makes it look as if the mirror is floating. When the lights of the mirror are turned on they cast a glow from around the back of the mirror making a backlit effect.

Hollywood or vanity mirrors

These mirrors also have their lights placed along the edges of the mirror with one important difference and that is the light bulbs protrude from the surface of the mirror. These mirrors can often be viewed in the movies and television shows usually in the scenes that show the actors and actresses getting ready for their shots and putting their makeup on. Also known as the vanity mirrors by installing these mirrors you can make yourself feel like the stars yourself. Know more about the utilities of the big standing mirror with lights only from us.


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